This video (only 7 minutes long) by CranioSacral Therapist, Kate MacKinnon, gives a wonderful overview of craniosacral therapy and what you can expect during a session.

Common Questions

How many sessions will I Need?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions. The answer is difficult to give without having the benefit of someone's medical history and/or an initial treatment, however there are some patterns that have emerged over the years, so here are some general guidelines..

Typically, infants and young children need fewer sessions (3-4 average) than older children and adults (4-6 average). Infants who have had a difficult birth and/or NICU stay may require more sessions. More acute conditions tend to respond more quickly than chronic conditions. A person who has good overall health, gets enough sleep, eats well and has a minimal-moderate stress load will tend to respond more quickly than someone who's health is depleted. The more resourced someone's body, the more readily it is able to make changes. Also, the more involved and pro-active someone is, the more they can help themselves in between treatments and speed up the process.

During your sessions, we will continue discuss the changes we are noticing, what work still remains to be done and fine tune our plan as needed. If you are not making the anticipated progress within the time-frame we originally discussed, we will re-evaluate whether or not craniosacral therapy is still the appropriate course of treatment for you or if there is another type of treatment that would better serve you. I am committed to doing everything I can to help you make the progress you seek, regardless of whether or not that means we continue to work together.

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