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20 years ago I started my craniosacral practice. I now have the pleasure of spending my days:

  • working with people who are experiencing body discomfort related to stressful experiences to help them reconnect to their body and recover from stress more effectively. 
  • helping people get relief from tight jaws, back aches, cranky hips and feel more at ease in their body.
  • introducing people to their bodies and help them understand how it works and what it may be trying to tell them so they can develop a better relationship with it. We only get one body, we might as well learn how to take care of it.
  • helping babies free up stuck spots so they can turn their heads both ways or nurse without causing their mama to turn to Lamaze breathing for pain relief.
I’m big on self-compassion and permission to feel what you feel. I’m also big on cultivating awareness and paying attention. Our bodies have a whole lot of wisdom to share with us if we will take the time to listen. 

My clients have been known to fall asleep during a session, laugh freely and cry when needed. It’s all good and I’m here to help my clients feel safe and supported while they do the work their body needs done. I feel incredibly lucky to do what I love for a living.