Below you'll find a variety of resources designed to support you in your postpartum journey.

If you have any questions about the podcast interview or resources, I can be reached at Lisa[at]LisaLLC[dot]com.

Wishing you all the best in your postpartum journey!

Free mini-course

Move Better, Feel Better: First Steps

This mini-course gives you bite-sized, easy to implement, steps that help you identify and shift those sneaky alignment and movement habits that can interfere with postpartum recovery.

You'll get tips that will support pelvic floor strength as well as diastasis recti healing.

Every other day, you'll get one short video lesson delivered to your inbox. Click the link in the email to watch the lesson and practice along with it. You'll then work with that movement tip during your day and begin to improve your movement and alignment habits.

Recommended reading

How to sit when you're pregnant (and the rest of the time, too) - this article includes a short video going over tips for sitting well. These tips may be helpful for pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse and back pain.

The downside to good posture - this article covers information about standing up "straight" and how it can negatively impact your core and pelvic floor. The short video also includes some helpful baby holding tips.

How to relax your back before going to sleep - in this article, you'll learn two ways to release tension from your psoas muscles. The psoas muscles often work pretty hard to stabilize us and spending even 2-3 minutes releasing them can be really helpful for easing back discomfort and relieving stress.

Recommended Classes

Below are suggested downloadable movement classes called Alignment Snacks. Each class is 20-30 minutes long and costs $5. The classes are taught by my alignment mentor, Katy Bowman, biomechanist.

Take a load off your chest and your hips, too* - a really nice series of stretches and exercises designed to gently open the hips and chest muscles. Great way to counteract all of the intense upper body work that feeding and holding your baby requires. You will need a yoga bolster or a rolled up blanket to use as a bolster. The class is done entirely lying down.

A real pain in the neck* - this class works with easing neck and shoulder tension. It's a very mellow class, all seated. One of my favorites.


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