How to use your arms when you walk


Let's do a body check. Let your arms hang by your sides. Take a peek at the front of your elbows, aka your elbow pits. If they had flash lights on them, would the light beam shine directly forward or more on a diagonal towards each other?

If you answer more on a diagonal, you are not alone!

Chances are you, like me, spend so much time with your arms in front of you and so little time with your arms in any other position, that your body has made adaptations. These adaptations include short, tight chest muscles and a habit of internally rotating your upper arm, which increases the wear and tear on your shoulder joints.

Not all arm swings are equal!

What to do? Use your arms when you walk.

I know, you already use your arms when you walk. But remember, how you do something is key and not all arms swings are created equal when it comes to the benefits they offer.

Watch the video below to see the common "fitness" habit that deprives you of the benefits that an arm swing could offer you and learn what to do instead.

When you learn to swing your arms well, you open up your chest and shoulders and gain more tone in your triceps. Add this into your daily walks along with some glute strengthening and your whole body will thank you. Enjoy!