A quick tip to strengthen your glutes


When I'm out and about on my walks, I'm on a mission to step up onto as many elevated surfaces as I can find: curbs, rocks, etc. Why?

Because it's a great opportunity to give my glutes and hamstrings more work and improve their strength.

Your glutes matter

While no muscle is the end all be all, your glutes are pretty darn important and they suffer a lot from our lack of natural movement.

Why are your glutes so important? They help to stabilize your sacrum.

Why does that matter?

A stable sacrum is good for many things including happy sacroiliac joints and pelvic floor muscles that can do their job.

What to do

Check out the short video below for simple (but not always easy) tips on how to turn a simple step up into a glute and hamstring strength building opportunity. Have fun taking this out on the trail or sidewalk!