Does your hip strength measure up?

When I took my first Restorative Exercise class I discovered, within the first 5 minutes, that an exercise I'd been practicing for months on my own needed some fine tuning.

It was a simple enough exercise, but it had nuances to it that I was oblivious to. Adding in those nuances turned it from an exercise that was a piece of cake into one that was a much more humbling, and effective, experience.


Standing on one leg seems pretty straightforward but how you do it changes everything. You can do it in a way that reinforces gripping in your quads and clenching in your glutes, or you can do it in a way that develops strength in the muscles that surround your hip joints, your lateral hip muscles. 

As we talked about last time, a stable pelvis is essential for supporting both the spine and the pelvic floor.

Does your hip strength measure up?

When you stand on one leg, you should be able maintain the following:

If you can't comfortably do this, then you know that your hip strength has room for improvement.

Watch the video below to learn how to beef up your hip strength. You'll also learn my favorite tip for keeping yourself honest and avoiding two common cheats. 

Find your strength is lacking? Sprinkle this exercise in throughout your day - when you brush your teeth, talk on the phone, stand at your computer or wait in line. Enjoy!